Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Changing A Broken Dryer Heating Element

Locating the Dryer Heating Element

If your dryer does not heat but everything else is working, this problem can be solved easily. It is usually the heating element that is not working. Most dryer elements are very easy to change out. Remember, safety first! Unplug the dryer.

  1. Most front load dryers have a heating element that is in the very back of the dryer. Move the dryer to a large open area where you can do the work. Lay the dryer down on the front side on the floor.
  2. With a screwdriver or a nut driver unscrew the back panel of the dryer which usually has ten to twelve screws. Gently remove the cover and set aside. The heating element should be a small square panel located about a foot above the bottom of the dryer. This square panel is a 3 1/3 inch by 31/2 inch square. With coils inside that look like small springs.
  3. Wires inside the heating element This box should have two screws holding it in place. There should also be two wires, or electrical connectors attached to this box. Remove each one and label them where they were taken from. Inspect the box after removing by looking inside to see if any of the inside springs are loose or broken. If they are you need to replace the heating element.
  4. You can purchase a replacement heating element at your local appliance dealer. Be sure to take the serial number and the make of the dryer with you. The replacement part should cost between $50-$65.
  5. Place the new heating element on the dryer being careful not to drop it. Reconnect the two wires exactly as they were before you removed the old heating element. You should have marked them in step three. Secure the screws to make certain the heating element does not move.
  6. Replace the back cover panel and tighten screws. Place the dryer upright and back into position against the wall. Plug in the dryer and turn it on. You should have heat. If you have heat...Well done! Let the dryer run for a few minutes to break in the new heating element.


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