Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Instructions for Changing a Doorknob

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Changing a doorknob is one of those chores that gets put on the back burner for later. However, changing a doorknob is not difficult and can be done in a matter of minutes.It is very easy to change a doorknob. When purchasing your door knob kit be sure you are getting the right door knob for the right door. You will want a key door knob for your entry and a button door knob for bath and bedroom.

  1. Remove the old door knob by first unscrewing the two screws that hold the striker plate that is on the side of the door close to the door knob.
  2. When you remove these screws the striker will not come out yet.
  3. On the inside part of the door knob there are usually two screws that are viable. If this is not the case, this means that the inside handle and hold cover plate must be removed to get to the tightening screws. If the screws are not visible, remove the inside handle and cover plate by using a paper clip unfolded to press into the small hole on the doorknob shaft. At the same time you press inward with the clip, pull on the handle, and it should come off. With a screwdriver you pop off the cover plate. After removing the plate you should see two (2) screw heads. Unscrew both of these and the whole door assembly will fall apart. Remove all parts including the striker.
  4. Parts to a door knob kit. Your new door knob kit has all new screws and replacement parts. Fit the striker to the side of the door first, and attach the two(2) screws. Make sure that the half round part of the striker faces toward the striker plate on the casing of the door. If you have a key lock, the key handle goes to the outside of the door. If using a privacy lock, the handle with the little hole also goes toward the outside of the door. The two pieces of the handle that are left will go inside each other. Align these to where the screw holes meet; insert long screws into these holes and tighten. If cover plate and handles are needed, replace by simply popping them back on. Snugly tighten all screws and you are finished.

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