Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hiring the Right Contractor for Your Remodeling Project

Choosing a general contractor can be difficult when you have a HOME REMODELING project. You hear stories about bad contractors, but there are many reliable general contractors in the business. There are many things to consider when choosing a general contractor. Because a company is large or well known is no guarantee that they are reliable. Many large companies look for volume and do not offer customer satisfaction. The same applies to small contractors so choosing a general contractor presents a dilemma.

Referrals usually offer the best and safest means of finding a GENERAL CONTRACTOR. Getting a referral from a friend is usually the best way to go.

Search the YELLOW PAGES for local contractors. You should interview at least three contractors before making a choice.

Tell the contractor what you plan on doing and what you want the project to look like when finished.

Ask for a detailed step by step estimate in writing. Do not accept a verbal estimate. Make sure you have the total cost and time estimate in writing before you agree to any proposal. Never pay for an estimate. It is not good business for a contractor to charge for an estimate.

Do not reveal the amount of your budget to any contractor at this time.

Compare each estimate. Choose a CONTRACTOR that you feel comfortable with and find easy to talk to. Remember that communication between you and your contractor is the key to a successful job project. Lack of communication with your contractor may bring the job to a complete halt costing you time and money.

A good contractor upon your request will give you names and phone numbers of prior clients. You should call these clients to find out about the work ethic of the contractor. Ask if the referral client would use the contractor again.

When you make your choice of contractor ask for a step by step contract and pay schedule if he requires it.

Never give any money until both parties have signed the contract. Never pay full amount of the project up front. Payments should usually be made in increments of 1/4 the total amount due. If payment is requested it should be no higher than 1/4 of the total project to start. Further payments should be made at mutually decided phases in the project. The last payment should be made upon completion of the project.

Happy Home owners Remember there are good reliable contractors out there but it is up to you to find them and protect yourself.

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  1. My husband and I are thinking about renovating our home, and I never thought about getting a contractor before. We were thinking about doing it ourselves, but it sounds like having a contractor could help a lot with the stress of the project, and getting things done on time. I like your idea of writing everything in detail, when meeting with a contractor. I think you're right, it's good for both parties to understand what is being expected. When we start looking for a contractor, I will keep these tips in mind.

    Sara Welsh |