Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Painting Unfinished Furniture

Unfinished Dresser and Stool

Painting unfinished furniture is very simple and offers an inexpensive means to furnish your home. You choose the colors and make it work to suit your style! It just takes a little time and a few days. Just make sure to plan to paint on a bright sunny day. Never paint in the rain or in heavy humidity.

  1. Prepare an area for painting by putting down a tarp or other floor covering before you paint.
  2. Before you PAINT you should sand the wood with fine sand paper or use a fine steel wool.
  3. Be sure all wood surfaces are clear of dust and steel wool particles. Use a water base primer paint. A good brand would be Kilz primer water base. It is sold in any hardware, home improvement, or paint store.
  4. Applying primer Prime the furniture with one coat using a fine bristle brush. Allow to dry for 24 hours. Kilz primer will dry quickly but it must be completely dry before proceeding to next step.
  5. Before applying second coat of primer, sand with fine grit sandpaper to remove all rough surfaces. Clean the furniture of any dust and apply second coat of primer. Let dry for 24 hours. It important to sand furniture between coats to remove any wood stubbles or rough edges.
  6. Paint your furniture with a water based acrylic paint. Let dry for 24 hours. When completely dry sand again and clean surface.
  7. Painted chest Repaint furniture with acrylic water base paint. By this time the furniture should be about ready but you may repaint up to four coats if you desire.
  8. You may use oil base paint if you prefer. Follow the preceding steps substituting the oil base paint for the water base paint. Oil base paint will be more durable and longer lasting. However you will need to allow twice the drying time between coats. Most oil base paints made today are lead free.


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